Protest to stop telecasting dubbing serials in TV

Protest to stop telecasting dubbing serials in TV
Veteran actor and director Dasarai Narayana rao, who recently has triggered a fight against dubbing serials in Telugu TV channels has said the raise in dubbing serials in Telugu TV Channels were alarming as they take away betrays the opportunities of local talents and employment.

ETV and Gemini TV have first responded positively to the protests against dubbing serials and gave written notes that they will stop dubbing serials in their channels soon.  Now RVS channel owner R.Venkateswara swamy also responded positively and said that he will give a written note in the presence of Core committee members.

Telugu TV industry launches protest against Zee TVHe said some TV Channels including E-TV and Gemini TV have positively responded to his letters requesting to stop telecasting dubbing serials, but one owned by some our Telugu actors has yet to respond to their request.

Yesterday the members of Telugu TV Parirakshana Samiti have staged a peaceful dharna in front of MAA TV and Zee TV protesting telecasting of dubbed serials. Convener of the committee D.Suresh Kumar said they will continue their protests till end of this month.

Even if the Channels ignore their plea, then they will start relay hunger strike in front of the two TV Channel offices until they stop telecasting the dubbing serials. He said all the TV Channels are requested to stop the dubbing serials before Telugu New Year Ugadi, that falls on April 11th.


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