Sundar C compares Kushboo & Hansika fatness

Sundar C compares Kushboo & Hansika
Sundar C is now busy directing a film titled Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru which has Siddarth and Hansika in the lead roles. We spoke to him during the shooting interval.

When you were acting, there use to be lots of rumours. Is that the reason that you have taken up directing again?

Try to spread rumours as far as possible. To tell you the truth, acting is a big head ache. So I decided to direct. You will immediately ask me that whether I will not act again. I don’t know. If I act again, I might say that acting is very simple job. A man’s tongue can speak as it likes.

There are talks that Hansika is the next Kushboo. Hansika is the heroine of your film. You are the husband of Kushboo. What have you got to say about this?

You are putting me in a tight spot. There are lots of resemblances between the two. Both of them are fair. Hansika is very fair. Then both of them have fluffy faces which are very attractive. Hansika is the height of beauty. Both of them are mischievous women. Kushboo is fat while Haniska is fatter than her. Now she has lost her weight and looks very slim. There is no doubt if I say that Hansika is another Kushboo.

Will you not make another film like Anbe Sivam?

Never will I do that. After Anbe Sivam I was sitting for more than one year in the house without any work. You want to me to sit like this again and again. Even today people after seeing this film on TV or DVD pass comments that this is a wonderful one and Kamal’s acting is superb. I cannot mortgage my life and make a film like this. I was not even paid salary for this film. Do you know how much I suffered without money? I was not even able to repay my bank loan at that time. They had blocked my account. I am getting angry if people speak that this film is contemporary piece of work. What people expect these days? They want comedy entertainer. I will give them that with quality.

So you don’t have the idea of making good films like Veedu and Uthiripookkal?

Sir, am I making blue films. My films like Kalakalappu and Ullathai Allitha will not figure in your good films list. Everyone has his style of making films. This is my style of making films. What can I do if you do not like it. I have learnt this from my mentor Manivannan. Whatever the problems may be, you must manage it, work hard and win. It is enough if I follow this in my life time. I will on the lines of directors Thirulogachander and S P Muthuraman. I don’t have any other ambitions.


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