Suriya - Gautham Menon - Lingusamy... What's going on?

Suriya - Gautham Menon - Lingusamy
While there has been widespread speculation as to which project Suriya will give his nod to post Singam II, sources tell that the actor has given the go ahead to director-producer Lingusamy.
Apparently, the movie will kickstart in May. But an official announment is yet to be made to this effect from either side.

It is well known that Lingusamy has been in talks with Suriya for a project since last year and that he has been working on a script for him. But, last year, Gautham Menon also issued a press release stating that he had signed on Suriya for a movie titled Thuppariyum Anandan. Later, Gautham told that he had written a new script for Suriya.

However, there was no further development or news from Suriya's side on this. Gautham, who now finds himself in a legal entanglement, suddenly tweeted last week, "I would like to clarify. Suriya has given me dates and we will announce the project very soon.We will start shoot in may." This caused a flutter in Kollywood as this was an unexpected development. It is well-known that Suriya and Gautham are close friends and sources say that the director had requested the actor to split his dates between Lingu's flick and his. Now, it looks like Suriya has decided to stick to his earlier commitment and work on only one film at a time.


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