Vairamuthu donates revenue to Cauvery delta farmers

‘I distribute the revenue earned through ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ to the families of the Cauvery delta farmers who had committed suicide’ – Vairamuthu


It gives happiness to receive ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ Award for my novel ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’. An award of merit cannot be given to all the creative works and a creator of merit may not be able accept all the awards. I prefer to accept this award for the reasons of meritoriousness of the institution.

As the institution ‘Ilakkiya Chindanai’ is shorn of any prejudices, my creation too is uncompromising. The novel was created after three years of research and ten months of writing. As I have recorded in my foreword, ‘the blood that seeps from its wounds and the tears that run from the eyes’ are not of borrowed emotions.

That were all mostly my own. The stones, the thorns, the craggy mounds, the hillocks; the plants, the creepers, the trees, the rivers – the happiness, the sorrows, the ascendance, the disgrace – the birth, the death – all these are mostly my own emotions; the life that I was given with, the lessons that I learnt, the injuries that I incurred.

The novel begins with an agriculturists’ son seeing his father committing suicide and ends with him killing his son to save the soil.

India is an agricultural country. But, not a country for agriculturalists. Today agriculture has become the last of the least job for an uneducated person. The man toils as an animal, works for his animals too. He hasn’t given the security that an animal has; for the animals don’t commit suicide.
The poor peasants, who commit suicide in clusters in Vidharba – Maharashtra, Mandya – Karnataka, Ananthapur – Andhra and Tanjore -Tamilnadu, do not augur good omen for the future of India.

This novel has shed tears after scientifically researching these miseries. This work has incisively recorded through the characters that of the environmental concerns, changing courses of nature, globalization, global warming and changing values of agricultural life in villages.

It’s heartening to find that this novel has carved a great deal of space for itself amidst the shrinking sphere of the Novel Art form and the Yoga of reading. But the silent posture of the legislatures and the parliaments that have to take these matters towards resolution leaves me frustrated. Like a drop of water fallen for the thirst of desert, this award has descended on this work.

The field of art offers me opportunities and the media helps me grow. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to them both. ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’, is being translated in English and it’s expected to be released in different continents.

On the day April 12th 2013, when ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ Award is being presented, I prefer to perform a humble social duty as a creator.
I am distributing the profit that I earned through the novel ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ among the families of the Cauvery delta farmers who had committed suicide on learning their crop going waste.

I’m informing that the eleven lacks of Rupees will be given to eleven languishing families at one lake of rupee to each.
There have been several assistance rendered by many several stages for the families of persons that had committed suicide.
I have included my role to as the participation of the creative world.

Poet Vairamuthu’s ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ [The Third World War] gets ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ Award.

  • • The novel “Moonraam Ulaga Por’ [The Third World War] written by Poet Vairamuthu wins the ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ Award.
  • • The Institution of Ilakkiya Chinthanai has selected ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ as the best Tamil Novel written in the year 2012.
  • • The Institution of ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ is actively functioning for the last 43 years.
  • • The Managing Trustee of the Institution is Mr. P. Lakshmanan. Mr. Bharathi is another Trustee.
  • • Central Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram is the Life-time Trustee of the Institution.
  • • Every year a committee comprising of scholars selects the best among the literary creations.
  • • So far many writers like Jayakanthan, T. Janakiraman, Asokamitran, Rajam Krishnan, Chinnappa Bharathi, Balakumaran and Vannanilavan have won the award.
  • • ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ has surpassed all of Vairamuthu’s earlier works. It has seen 9 editions in 9 months; a phenomenal feat untouched by any in Tamil literature.
  • • The function for bestowing the ‘Ilakkiya Chinthanai’ Award is to be held at Rajeswari Kalyana Mantab, on 12th April, 2013.
  • • The Managing Trustee of Ilakkiya Chinthanai Mr. P. Lakshmanan has announced this information.


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