Vijay recommends Kajal Agarwal!

Vijay recommends Kajal Agarwal!
It is understood that Vijay had recommended Kajal Agarwal for the female lead role in the film Jilla. Kajal Agarwal had earlier paired with Vijay in Thuppakki. This film was released for Deepavali.

Now Vijay will be donning the lead role in the film Jilla to be directed by Nesan. Kajal Agarwal is pairing with Vijay in this film. In the recent times, the leading heroes do not prefer the same heroine in their next film.

The reason for this is that the audience might get bored seeing the same pair again and again. Vijay also started following this principle from his film Velayudham onwards. Now he has broken the principle by casting Kajal Agarwal in his film. The reason for this is that both of them have become close friends.

It is understood that Vijay was attracted towards the sharpness of Kajal. Kajal also became very close to Vijay and his family members. All this have fetched a role in this film. Many would not have forgotten that Trisha was continuously pairing with Vijay in numerous films.


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