Vikram impressed with Paradesi, wants to work with Bala again

Actor Vikram who is busy with Shankar’s ‘I’ seems to have seen Bala’s latest film ‘Paradesi’ and liked it big time.

It is believed that the actor after watching the movie had met the director and shared his thoughts about the film. Vikram was so much impressed by the movie and praised Bala for each and every scene in the movie.

Vikram rose to fame with Bala’s tragedy film Sethu and kick started his career though he had done a lot of films before. He later in his career joined hands with Bala once again for Pithamagan and also won National award for this movie. The star actor has also supposedly expressed that he would do a film for Bala anytime, if the director intends to do one with him as the lead.

It is anticipated that both of them might come together for the third time in their careers and give a hat trick of hits. One will have to wait and see for that to happen.


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