Ajith is honest, says Manivannan

Manivannan calls Ajith honest
Actor-director Manivannan is a busy man. The director, who is busy directing his 50th film, Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA (sequel to Amaidhipadai), recently said that the actors today don’t care anything other than the remuneration.

 He added that they do not even appreciate those who are the real reason behind the success of the films. The actor was reportedly saying that all they wanted was to become the Chief Minister of the state.

Manivannan is known for his satire and his frank talk. This observation too was said to be an interesting one. However, the actor had his exceptions too. He said that there were few honest actors as well; For instance, Ajith who has even dissolved his fan clubs. He also said that Suriya, Vikram and Ajith were the epitomes of honesty.


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