Anjali gone missing from Hotel! Kidnapped or Eloped with Boy-Friend?

Anjali gone missing from Hyderabad Hotel! Kidnapped?
Two days ago while speaking to the media in Chennai, Anjali had accused her step-mother and a film director of harassment

Kollywood Actor Anjali of went missing from Daspalla hotel in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad on Tuesday. She has been missing since Monday morning, and her cell phone has also been switched off. Her brother has launched the complaint with the police station.

The actor, who came from Chennai for the shooting of the Telugu remake of ‘Bol Bachchan’, checked into the hotel along with her uncle Suri Babu on Monday. She was to report for the film shoot but left the hotel at around 8 a.m. when her uncle went to the rest room, the police said.

Two days ago, Anjali while speaking to the media in Chennai, had accused her step-mother and a film director of harassing her.

“Video footage obtained from the camera in the hotel shows her walking out alone,” the Jubilee Hills police said after registering a case of missing person following a complaint lodged by her elder brother Ravi Kishore, who lives in Mehdipatnam. Her mobile phone was also switched off.

Police have obtained the call data record of her mobile phone and were analysing the calls to ascertain if any of the persons who spoke to her in recent past were behind her disappearance. Her brother suspected the role of Bharati Devi, to whom Anjali was given in adoption when she was a minor, behind her disappearance. He also showed to the police reports that had appeared in a few Telugu newspapers wherein the actor had accused Bharati Devi and a Tamil film director Kalanjiyam of harassing her.

She had maintained that Bharati Devi was not her biological mother but an aunt who had misused the money she had earned in her career and was also attempting to restrict her movements.

“If anything happens to me, they should be held responsible,” she had reportedly told the media in Chennai. Banjara Hills ACP E. Shankar Reddy said that special teams had been formed to trace the missing actor.

It was Kalanjayam who launched her into films and it was her aunt who brought her from her native village in rural Andhra Pradesh to Chennai, when she was still young and helped her get a hold in the Tamil film industry. Anjali is reportedly to have said that she feared for her life. Kalanjayam was also heard saying that Anjali was rebelling because she was advised to not go out to pubs often and get used to the fast paced life. This irked Anjali and she went missing.

Her brother, Ravi Shankar was heard saying, “Filmmakers and media have been calling me, assuming that Anjali is under my shelter. Even the makers of her next film tried to contact me to ask me about her whereabouts. But I was totally clueless about this development and I'm shocked. Bharathi Devi always tried to cut us off from Anjali's life.

I did not even have her contact number. We always had to contact Bharathi Devi to talk to Anjali. She controlled her life so much that she wouldn't share information about Anjali's remuneration with her!" He further added, "She was a minor until recently and it seems like she waited to turn 18, before deciding to speak up. We plan to register a complaint at the Madhapur police Station. Our family members are devastated.”

Director Kalanjayam as heard quipping, “I'm really baffled why Anjali dragged my name into this. I don't have any connection with her and her family except for the fact that I introduced her in films. That film (Sathamindri Muthamidu) never saw the light of the day, but her family continued to consult with me on her future projects as a well-wisher," he says. He adds that he was unaware of the fact that Anjali's companion was her aunt and not her actual mother.”

Kalanjayam has filed a counter claim with the Chennai Police. He said that he only tried to help her career prosper, and the claims that she has put in are absolutely false.

(Eloped) Ran-away with Boy friend

It is when something mysterious crops up that imagination flows open throttle. But the line between rumour and reality here is bleak, as the person concerned is not available for approval. Actress Anjali is missing for the third day in a row and there are enough stories doing the rounds; will this anger her enough to return home, after all? The latest has it that she has allegedly eloped with her boyfriend, who is a doctor. And Anjali's step mother is annoyed at the very mention of this issue, and is allegedly playing the blame game with everyone. Meanwhile, on the productive side, police force from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, are frantically searching for the missing woman, to put her back on screen.


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