Elred Kumar starts a new tred in K-Town!

Elred Kumar starts a new tred in K-Town!
Elred Kumar of RS Infotainment, who is suing Gowtham Menon for creating loss for him, has introduced a new biz trend in Kollywood.

'First Edit System' is the new business trend he has started to implement from his movie Yaan. Kollywood, all these days used to follow 'First Copy Basis' which binds only director for the budget, while First Edit System will bind the artist too for the budget and time.

Ravi K Chandran, who is the director for Yaan has introduced this system according which, the artists have to be on time and should be always available at the shooting spot on the shooting day. They should be ready for the takes. No rest time will be given. Even for pissing and peeing, artist - hero or heorine should inform director's assistants.

This system is said to be a proven one in Hollywood which will save lot of time. Several Hollywood movies are made in 30 to 60 days time while Kollywood takes 90 to couple of years to finish a project.

As the movie gets completed as per schedule, lot of money is saved.


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