KV Anand's next: OKs Arya recommendation, not Simbu's

As we have been reporting earlier K.V Anand's name has been etched with Superstar's next project for quite sometime now , but however that project has not materialized and K.V Anand has instead gone with Arya for his next flick.

K.V Anand is one director who likes to do things on his own , he doesn't like anyone interrupting his decision on the cast and crew of the movie , K,V Anand's feud with Simbu was well documented during those times of 'KO' , Its a well known fact that Simbu was the first choice for KO but reports had it that Simbhu wanted Karthika to be replaced by Tamanna. This led to a fallout between Simbu and K,V Anand which eventually led to Jiiva being cast instead.

It was Deja Vu for K.V Anand, as Arya seems to recommended Tamanna to be cast alongside him , but this time K.V Anand seems to heeded to Arya's request and is busy trying into rope in Tamanna for this project.


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