Mariyaan developing over the walls

Mariyaan at the walls of Bharat Bala
Guessing what is this all about? Don’t assume it to be the script of Mariyaan available on some micro-blogging wall. It is indeed surprising to see the work room of Bharat Bala in a different dimension.

The maker of wonderful albums ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jana Gana Mana’, ‘Gurus of Peace’ and ‘Pray For Me Brother’ now makes his Kollywood maiden debut through the film ‘Mariyaan’ that stars Dhanush and Parvathi Menon in lead roles. The director has actually pasted the shot composition of every scene on the walls of his work room. Ask him the reason and he says, “It is mainly because I want to flow through the process of script and characters…”


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