Trouble for 'Mariyaan', protest against the film

Dhanush Mariyaan made quite a impression with its sleek promos specially the third teaser which saw Dhanush stylishly smoking up in-tune to AR Rahman's awesome BGM.

Here is the promo video for those who missed

However the same stylish promo has now led to protests being staged against the movie, Former Central Minister 'Anbumani' has condemned the smoking scenes and has a released a statement.

"Mariyaan promo scenes have prioritized Smoking which is really shocking , When Rajinikanth himself has totally cut down smoking scenes in movie, its really really shocking to see Dhanush doing such a thing in the movie." Anbumani added that these smoking scenes should be deleted from the movie and Dhanush should follow in Rajinikanth's footsteps.


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