Vadivelu's daughter marriage without VIPs

Vadivelu daughter’s marriage
There was no VIP to attend Vadivelu daughter’s wedding – reason?, Vadivelu himself advised all those invited not to attend the wedding.

Vadivelu, who in an idea to tease Vijayakanth, joined the camp of Alagiri and worked for DMK, opposing ADMK and Vijayakanth’s party named DMDK.

For Vadivelu’s bad luck, DMK was not even managed to get a seat as opposition party while DMDK, and its Vijayakanth was made as opposition leader.

Just after the election was over, Vadivelu started feeling the heat and started to live in silence.

Though Vadivelu gave invitation to all DMK members and also invited ADMK members, it is said that he himself requested them not to attend the wedding as he feared it will further anger the political parties against which he worked during the election.

The marriage was held at a Kalyana Mandapam near Madurai Theppakulam, but no one was able to guess it is Vadivelu daughter’s wedding – such a kind of simplicity was maintained.

To be noted here is that Vadivelu used to show his ‘adavadi’ with journalists.


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