Ajith-Vishnuvardhan movie teaser sets new record!

In just two days, over a million people have watched the Ajith-Vishnuvardhan project teaser on the net. And this count is increasing day by day.
The teaser of this untitled flick was released to commemorate Ajith’s birthday on May 1st and ever since it hit the screens, Ajith fans have gone berserk with joy.

It is indeed not a surprise that the teaser has got so many views within a very short period going by the popularity that this star enjoys among the netizens!

In a day`s time the 41 second teaser has almost touched 11.5 lakh hits with more than 14,800 likes! It is phenomenal by any yardstick, and experts say the teaser is the most viewed and shared video in India according to YouTube trends. Ajith has proved that not only is he the king of opening in cinema theaters but also on the net. What has struck everybody is that the film still has no title. Just the huge buzz around the star created such an opening.

Ajith himself tongue-in-cheek says in the teaser- “Title Innnum Vekkala”!


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