Simbu - Akon union is happening!!
Simbu had embarked upon an ambitious project for World Peace, a while ago. A Love Anthem was released to this effect more than a year ago but after this, the star got busy with his movie schedules and he had to put this album on the backburner.

Akon seems to be in demand. He crooned two songs for Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One and now, his next project is with Kollywood actor Simbu. The singer will be recording with Simbu for his Love Anthem. He will be in Chennai till May 6, and will also shoot for the song's video.

"Simbu is all set to record another version of his Love Anthem, and is collaborating with Akon for it. This number will talk about the oppression south Indians face in other countries. It will be more of a tribute song, and will focus mainly on spreading love and feeling of oneness," says a source.

Simbu, of course, is excited about this collaboration, and says, "I'm very happy that Akon is coming down to namma Chennai to record for the final version of the Love Anthem. He will be in the city for three days to record for the song. He will also shoot for a day for it. The song has words in about 96 languages, and is about unity. We were scheduled to shoot in the US when I toured there, but couldn't work out the dates at that time and now, it's finally happening."

"In his previous collaborations, Akon had just lent his voice. But with Love Anthem, he will be contributing to the lyrics department and also feature in its video," adds the source.


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