Nalan Kumarasamy talks about his dream project!

Soodhu Kavvum Movie Online - Review
Nalan Kumarasamy, who directed the recent hit, Soodhu Kavvum, is confident that he will become a director whom the producer can rely on.

The director feels that since he managed to complete Soodhu Kavvum in a span of 50 days, he will be able to do a good job with his upcoming films.

Though the director feels that he can deliver projects on a low budget, Nalan has said that his dream project is a sci-fi film that with a huge project. Nalan comes from an engineering background and made his entry into filmmaking when he realized his passion for filmmaking.

He had shot nearly 20 episodes of a college based serial for a regional channel. His big break came with Soodhu Kavvum for which the director had already done his homework.


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