Suriya behind Hari's Singam 2!

Suriya encouraged Hari to make Singam 2
Awaiting the release of his highly anticipated sequel "Singam 2", Tamil director Hari Gopalakrishnan feels it's very likely that sequels may become popular provided filmmakers create opportunities to make them with conviction.

"Singam 2" is the sequel to highly successful Tamil action-drama "Singam" and it is coming out July 5.

"Sequels have been an alien concept in Tamil cinema for very long time. But the scenario has changed in the last few years, allowing a spate of sequels to hit the screens. And it is likely to increase with time, sooner or later," Hari said.

Some of the recent sequels in Tamil include "Billa 2", "Muni 2 - Kanchana" and "Naan Avanillai 2".

"Since sequels are gradually gaining momentum, it is very important that they are made with fervour, and not just for fun. Most sequels are made because the first part was successful, but not because someone wanted to make a two-part film since beginning," he added.

But, wasn't "Singam 2" made because "Singam" was a hit?

"Even though I had the idea of a sequel while making 'Singam', I wasn't sure if it would ever be made. However, it was Suriya who encouraged me since his fans wanted to see him in a sequel. The first part had an ending, which gave me a lead to connect the story with the sequel," he said.

"It's very important for the sequel to have some kind of association with its predecessor as it helps the audiences to connect instantly. That is why I included all my characters from the first part in the sequel with a few additions," said Hari.

In fact, the "Singam" success paved way for its Hindi remake as "Singham", starring Ajay Devgn.

Do sequels bear a high percentage of risk?

"I think risk is associated with every film, but with sequels, in particular, one can say that it is higher, especially if the prequel was a hit. I made 'Singam 2' because Suriya's fans wanted it, therefore, automatically the stakes have gone high," he explained.

"I also had to ensure that the second part was grander than the first. Audiences loved the character played by Suriya in 'Singam'. Therefore, I had to ensure it looked different and larger in terms of characterization, performance and even screen aura in the sequel," he said.

Besides "Singam 2", other sequels in the offing include "Vishwaroopam 2", "Kanchana 3" and "Aayirathil Oruvan 2".

Hari, known for churning out Tamil blockbusters such as "Saamy" and "Ayya", says sequels help in creating a brand.

"With 'Singam 2', I'm sure the name 'Singam' will no longer be just a name, but a brand. I think this is applicable to any sequel but it all depends on the success of the film. An unsuccessful sequel can even tarnish the image of the first part or parts in a series," he added.

Hari, who has already teamed up with Suriya's brother Karthi for his next outing, says it's early to speak of a "Singam 3".


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