Thalaivaa - Music Review

Thalaivaa - Music Review
Starring: Vijay, Amalapaul, Santhanam, Suresh, Ragini Nandwani, Sathyaraj
Direction: AL Vijay
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Production: Sri Mishri Productions,Vendhar Movies

Vijay’s films are always known for dancing numbers and songs in his films will be instant hit. For the first time GV Prakash has composed for a Vijay film and the expectations are sky rocketing as the promo songs are already creating the waves. Here is the music review of Thalaivaa.

Tamil Pasanga
Singers: Benny Dayal,Sheezay & Psycho unit; Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

Tamil Pasanga is the perfect rocking dance number with some extraordinary beats from GV Prakash. The song starts with the peppy vocals of Benny Dayal and the song has some scintillating beats which will surely set the stage on fire when Vijay dances to it. Sheezay’s Rap portions is trendy and Na Muthukumar’s lyrics depicts the Tamilian’s pride in a typical western number.

Ranking in the album : 2/6

Vaangana Vangangana
Singers :Vijay,Santhanam;Lyrics :Na Muthukumar

If Vijay sung a song in the album then it will eventually become the instant hit in the album and ‘Vaangana Vangangana’ is no exception. This ‘love failure’ song is unique for Vijay’s vocals and modulation, especially the conversation and the end portions of translating the lyrics in English. This song will become the new ‘soup’ number for our soup boys…..

Ranking in the album :3/6

Yar Indha Saalai Oram
Singers:GV Prakash,Saindhavi;Lyrics:Na uthukumar

If you are hearing GV Prakash album then you will definitely look for GV and Saindhavi’s duet song and here comes another wonderful melody from GV Prakash. The special thing about this number is the instrumentation is the instrumentation, the foot tapping music beat and interlude instrumentation is completely unique. This song stands as one of the best in GV Prakash’s career.

Ranking in the album : 1/6

Sol Sol
Singers :Vijay Prakash ,Abhay Jodhpurkar & Megha ;Lyrics:Na Muthukumar

A typical GV Prakash’s number with his trademark beats and once again Vijay Prakash gets a peppy tune. Vijay Prakash and Megha used all their experience and reach the high pitch portions with so much ease.

Ranking in the album : 6/6

Thalaivaa Thalaivaa
Singers :Haricharan,Pooja Vaidyanath

This song starts with a revolutionary theme and then comes the drums beats. Though it reminds as the ‘Jodha Akbar’ number Haricharan and Pooja’s vocals makes it different. This song will become a anthem for Vijay fans as the lyrics are so powerful. This song was shot with 1000 junior artists and watch out for this number in big screen with grandeur visuals of Niraav Shah.

Ranking in the album : 4/6

The Ecstasy of Dance
Kiran and Chennai Symphony

This song is the instrumentation/symphony version of the interlude beats of ‘Yar Indha Saalai Oram’. One of the best composition of GV Prakash for sure.

Ranking in the album : 5/6

What Works?

"Vaangana Vanakkamngna" is by far the best song of the album and arguably Vijay's best rendered song till date. Every single aspect works perfectly. Be it Vijay's effortless singing, Santhanam's one-liners, contemporary lyrics and catchy tune/orchestration. The song's popularity is expected to scale higher with tremendous scope for picturization showing Vijay and Santhanam's on-screen chemistry. After listening to the song, it is difficult to imagine anybody else other than Vijay be able to do justice to this song.

GV Prakash has almost always scored high on all his BGM themes, specifically in all of his prior movies for director Vijay. It is no different this time with "The Ecstasy of Dance" theme music. The theme boasts great tune and orchestration. 

"Thalapathy Thalapathy" lyrics and music are aimed at firing up Vijay's fan base. The songs almost sound like an election campaign song tailor-made to feed Vijay's political aspirations. GV Prakash has weaved in pacy interludes giving sufficient scope for pulsating visuals. This is a situational song and expected to serve its purpose on-screen and off-screen equally well.

What Doesn't Work?

Contrary to one's expectations, where the album fails to take off are on the melody side. "Yaar Indha Saalai" sung by GV Prakash & Saindhavi and "Sol Sol" sung by Vijay Prakash in the lead do not make a towering impression. Both these songs feel a bit monotonous and feel pedestrian even after repeated hearing.

One song that misses the mark completely is "Tamil Pasanga". The lyrics, tune and orchestration lack depth and appeal. This song shot in Australia is expected to showcase Vijay's fast dance moves. It may potentially catch on with help from visuals and choreography. For now, this doesn't make it to our playlist.


Vaangana Vanakkamngna will be a notable chartbuster of 2013. This song over-compensates for any perceived deficiencies in rest of the songs in this much expected album.

Music Rating - 5.5/10


  1. Review is not good "yaar intha salai oram" song is so beautiful melody but rating given as 1 its unfair worst review given by kollyinsider team


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