TR to chip instead of Powerstar

TR  and Powerstar
Powerstar was quite a sensation for a while post his Kanna Laddu thinga aasaya and was seen in some guest roles. However later owing to his Bank fraud he was arrested and ever since then he is still in Jail. Director Rama Narayanan was making a movie “Arya Surya” with Powerstar Srinivasan in the lead and amidst the movie he was arrested and the movie is now stuck half way.

With all the cases and fiasco, the director has decided it will be a while before Srinivasan is out and hence he has resumed the movie after roping in T Rajendar to do the portions left over by Powerstar. Sometimes on Television shows we do see disclaimers for changing the characters played by actors, and this movie will too have one before showing TR onscreen. And TR is a versatile no doubt, so Ramanarayan has even asked TR to pen a song and shake a leg for that song as well. Now fans of TR and Powerstar indeed are going to cave in for a double treat.


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