British actress Anara dubs in Tamil

British actress Anara dubs in Tamil

British model-turned-actress Anara Atanes, who is making her cinematic debut with upcoming Tamil romantic-drama "Kaadhale Ennai Kaa dhali", has taken the effort to dub in her own voice despite not knowing a word of Tamil.

"I convinced her to dub in her own voice because I felt it would do justice to her character. She plays a London-based girl who falls in love with a South Indian boy. I felt it would make sense for her to sound as natural as possible in her own voice," film's director Suman said.

He also added Anara learnt her lines quickly.

"She didn't try to understand the meaning of the dialogues, instead started writing them down in English. She would mouth the words in Tamil with a heavy English accent, which I believe suited her character very well," said the director.

The 25-year-old has modelled for brands such as Levi's and Head & Shoulders. She auditioned for the film after seeing an ad in a newspaper.

"We were looking for a London-based girl, therefore, had advertised in the local paper. I zeroed in on Anara out of some 50 applicants. Her wheatish complexion was apt for the role," said Suman.

Do you think all actors should dub in their own voices?

"Dubbing in your own voice gives you lot of confidence. It helps you overcome the basic fear of any language. We can easily spot the difference in the confidence level of actors who don't dub in their voice and those who do," he added.

The film, predominantly shot in London, is nearing completion. It a lso features Ramu and Manorama in important roles.


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