‘Right script is yet to come in Tamil’: Shruti

Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan is all smiles. Born with a diamond spoon, glitzy cars and luxurious homes are incidental to her lifestyle. But when you meet Shruti, she's minus any trappings of being Kamal Haasan's daughter. Not to be bogged down by a shaky start  in Bollywood, Shruti proved that she was no flash-in-the-pan with seven films  like 7aum Arivu and 3 in Tamil, a blockbuster hit  Gabbar Singh and her new release Balupu has taken a super opening.
Now her energies are concentrated on her next big ticket releases in Hindi like Ramaiya Vastavaiya andD-Day releasing on the same day .. Sridevi Sreedhar chats with the diva

We see you less in Tamil these days? Is it deliberate?

(Laughs) Oh..not at all. For me who made my debut in Hindi and then did Tamil and Telugu films, language has never been a barrier. It's just that the right script has not come my way in Tamil.

After Gabbar Singh, now Balupu is turning out to be a big hit. You have become the new pin-up girl of Tollywood

If you say so (smiles), as audiences and critics make a star. As far as Balupu is concerned, I loved the script the moment I heard it, as it was a full length comedy. I freaked out with Brahmamanandam sir in comedy scenes.

You have also become the new glam queen, as there is a lot of skin show in the film?
All this while, I have played roles of  a typical south Indian girl but in Balupu it was a role which demanded me to wear western outfits. When the audience saw me in shorts and minis it was labelled glamourous. I worked with my designer Chaintanya Rao and got the look right.

Your two films Ramaiya Vastavaiya  and D-day is releasing on the same day. Butterflies in the stomach?
You forgot Yevadu which also plans to release in July (smiles). I am excited about all my releases and as far as these two films are concerned I have varied roles.  For the first time I play this innocent, paavam (Laughs) girl in Ramaiya Vastavaiya . It was a challenge for me and working under Prabhu Deva master is a big learning experience. He knows the pulse of the audiences like nobody and all his films will have that strong emotional quotient along with romance, comedy and action. I had watched the original Telugu version so many times but never expected that I will land up doing it.

What's your state of mind right now?
Happy and content. Going to Geneva for a shoot…Excited like always


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