TANTIS to revise assistant directors salary

TANTIS to revise monthly remuneration of assistant directors

The Tamil Nadu Film Director's Association (TANTIS) has reached an amicable agreement with producers that the remuneration of assistant directors going forward will be based on the budget of every film.

"An agreement has been reached between TANTIS and producer's council on the remuneration of assistant directors. Their monthly salary will be calculated based on the budget of every film hereafter," TANTIS president and Tamil filmmaker Vikraman said.

"Assistant directors are equally important assets in our film industry. Most films would be incomplete without them. They deserve to be paid well and therefore we have decided to revise their pay scale based on the budget of every film," he added.

He says all assistant directors will work on agreement basis with producers.

"All assistant directors will be paid on monthly basis during the course of a film. In this regard, they will enter an agreement with producers to avoid any confusion," he said.

TANTIS also welcomes those from other states to be part of the association provided they know Tamil.

"Tamil is a must for everybody who is part of TANTIS. The reason being it's the best mode of communication. We will give special preference to people from other states to join us, but they should know the local language," he added.


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