We need to nurture short-film makers: Director Vikraman

We need to nurture short-film makers: Director Vikraman

Efforts should be made to nurture makers of short films and their work, urges director Vikraman, the newly elected president of Tamil Nadu Film Director's Association.

He even calls on fellow directors to helm short films once in a while in between their feature movies.

"As part of the association, we plan to buy more cameras for filmmakers. This way, established directors and their assistants can make short films whenever possible. Short films can't be taken lightly as it happens to be the current trend," Vikraman said.

"In the past one year, several short-film makers have become full-fledged film directors. Short films no longer are films made for fun. Some of these films are even powerful and well-executed than so many other regular films," he added.

Some short-film makers who turned full-fledged directors in Tamil cinema include Balaji Mohan, Karthik Subbaraj, Nalan Kumarasamy and Arun Kumar.

"Films made by these short-film makers-turned-directors have not only been successful, but have garnered critical acclaim. The trend is catching on and we will see more short-film makers wield the megaphone in the near future," he said.

Vikraman, who saw "Mullin Nizhalum Kuthiru", a Tamil short film, at a private screening recently, was impressed by the film.

"Films like these need to be served to larger audiences. It is only possible when they are made into feature films. There are several short films available online, but how many people actually take the effort to see them?" Vikraman asked.

"Mullin Nizhalum Kuthiru" is a story about a drought-inflicted district in southern Tamil Nadu. It is directed by Bala Aran.


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