Biriyani - Music Review 
Cast: Karthi, Hansika Motwani, Premji Amaren, Ramki, Mandy Takhar
Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Production: KE Gnanavel Raju, SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Banner:    Studio Green
Lyrics : Vaali, Gangai Amaran & Madhan Karky

Yuvan’s panache of unparalleled strokes often tops the charts with at least a song in each album turning to be a magnificent one. Biriyani marking his 100th album doesn’t make it special, but his team up with Venkat Prabhu adds more intensity to each track. Loaded with 8 tracks, the songs take a leap into different genres from stylish western munch to the local beats of Chennai Gaana. We bring you an exclusive look on Biriyani tracks with a vivid analysis.

Vocals: Bhavatharini, Tanvi Shah, Vilasini
Lyricist: Gangai Amaren, Tanvi Shah

The special way to start the album with! The signature theme played on flute emblazons the entire track that goes finely exquisite with the beautiful vocals of Bhavatharani, Tanvi Shah and Vilasini. The mixing takes a finest position in embellishing the track and making it more enjoyable. Of course, you’ll keep whistling the track for the first time you hear it.

Nahna Na Nah
Vocal: Devan Ekambaram
Lyricist: Vaali, Yuvanshankar Raja

It’s a slow poison and you will experience it right from the first second you hear this song. The song starts with the heavy pumping chorus of Nahna Na Nah, which is quite loud, but settles down with mild music and voice of Devan Ekambaram. The preludes and rhythmic backdrops are so clear that it makes you feel easy and intact with the track. It’s obvious that Vaali still remains youth and invigorated with this sangfroid kind of song.

Pom Pom Penne
Vocal: Rahul Nambiar, Ramya NSK
Lyricist: Madhan Karky

It’s a pure musical treat from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Much alike the previous track, he tries to underplay with mild sounds generating wind-like voice from Rahul Nambiar and Ramya NSK. The lyrical lines by Madhan Karky are commendable and his techniques of using certain words with specialty make the song more pleasing.

Vocal: Karthi, Premgi Amaren, Priya Himesh
Lyricist: Vaali

It’s completely different and quite unexpected for many reasons. Usually, Venkat Prabhu films don’t have a track that hits the sensuous grounds. And what’s next? It is crooned by actor Karthi. Premgi Amaren by his side brings in some funny moves in his rendition and Guess who scores brownie points here – Priya Himesh. Her bold voice with the right appeal turns the song exactly to the arena, where needs to arrive.

Run for your Life
Vocal: Gaana Bala, PSYCHO. Unit
Lyricist: Gana Bala, PSYCHO. Unit

This is the top of all and we’re sure, you will never get tired of repeating the track. This is indeed a fantabulous piece of work from Gaana Bala and Psyho. Unit and the brilliant mixing of track leaves you electrified. The lyrics by Gaana Bala is the cherry-pick and that is very much evident with the touch of MANKATHA he brings in with ‘Rummy Vachchunu Jokera Poduda, Thothutta Verupula Mankatha Aaduda’ that takes you to the signature music of ‘Vilaayadu Mankatha’ is awesome.

Edhirthu Nil
Vocal: D. Imman, G. V. Prakash Kumar, S. Thaman, Vijay Antony
Lyricist: Gangai Amaran

The enjoyable tracks of this album have a speed breaker with this one. It sounds like a situational song set in backdrops of a serious situation that speaks about the hero’s backlash against the antagonistic situation. The song brings the four most fascinating music directors and that alone doesn’t make the song brilliant, but the musical spell that is so power-packed (little identical to Nimirndhu Nil in Saroja) and lyrical lines by Gangai Amaren places itself in grabbing our attention.

Nahna Na Nah (New Jack Swing Mix)
Vocal: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist: Vaali

Time to experience the beyond brilliance of Yuvan Shankar Raja with this New Jack Swing Mix that brings in some of the best trademark western beats in the backdrops. Hats off to the sound engineer for generating the best on mixing and vocalisation.

Nahna Na Nah (Extended Dance Mix)
Vocal: Premgi Amaren, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist: Vaali, Yuvanshankar Raja

Don’t presume this another repetition of the same song. Of course, the lyrical lines sound similar to them, but Premgi Amaran makes a difference by bringing in his touch. There is some slang that easily locates into ‘Beep’ zone.
Verdict: The spicy Biriyani serves hot
On the whole, Biriyani songs are a distinct tangible symbol of celebration for Yuvan Shankar Raja’s 100th album. The songs are pretty enjoyable and Venkat Prabhu’s creative visual significance will add more to the enhancement for the songs.


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