Cheran’s daughter love affair, refuses to go with parents! What's Cheran's stand! [Video]

Cheran’s daughter love affair, refuses to go with parents! 
The issue with regard to Cheran’s daughter Dhamini’s love affair has triggered sensation in Kodambakam.  Director Cheran’s second daughter Dhamini is romancing an assistant director.

Director Cheran opposed to the love affair.  Following protest from Cheran and family members, his daughter filed complaint with police commissioner.

Dhamini mentioned in the petition that she needs to be united with her lover.  Also, she added that her lover should be given security. Following the complaint, police conducted investigation with Cheran, his wife Selvarani and daughter Dhamini.  Assistant Commissioner Sivakumar, Commissioner Shyamala Devi conducted investigations. Then, police gave advice to Dhamini.

The police said that Dhamini needs to finish her education, and that she could decide about marriage later.  Also, they advised her to be with her parents till then.  But, Dhamini did not heed their advice.  She stubbornly maintained that she would go with her lover.

Dhamini’s lover Chandru did not appear for police investigation yesterday.  He had gone to Coimbatore.  But Chandru’s mother and sister were there during police investigation.  Cheran pleaded with his daughter to come back home and assured that he would not trouble her in anyway.  But, Dhamini did not heed her father’s request.  She said that she would go with her lover.
A college girl in love with a man; her father, fearing the man would harm her, tries to separate them; her hapless mother in hospital-it's a plot that director Cheran may like to try on celluloid, but real life doesn't allow him to choose a character.
Police gave counseling to Dhamini till midnight. But, she did not desire to go with her parents.  So, for the second subsequent day, i.e., today, police have decided to give counseling to Dhamini.  As per the decision, Dhamini appeared in Thousand Lights Police Station. 

A woman police gave her advice and suggestions.  Also, she added that it is age for Dhamini to undergo education. Love and romance should be decided later, and it is safe for Dhamini to be with parents, said the police officer.  But Dhamini did not agree and stubbornly said that she would be with her lover.

Dhamini’s lover Chandru is also being given counseling.  He is particular that he would marry Dhamini.  Police officer said that Dhamini is entrapped in love and that she is being given counseling continuously.

‘Dhamini is aged 19. Only after seeing the birth certificate, we happened to know that she is a major. So, we could advise her to only certain extent. It is left to her to accept it or reject it’, said the police.

But, Dhamini does not desire to go with parents.  She desires being with her lover.  In a development, Cheran’s wife Selvarani suffered health setback yesterday.  She has been admitted to private hospital in RA Puram.

Selvarani had fainted due to high blood pressure.  Selvarani was mentally stressed out following police complaint and as her husband Cheran was taken for questioning by police. Reportedly, that was the reason for high blood pressure, say reports.


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