Dhanush clarifies on Thalaiva

On account of the delay in the release of Thalaivaa, we had witnessed numerous comments from fans and people in the film industry.

Dhanush, who is in Switzerland at the moment, shooting a sequence for Nayaandi along with Nazriya Nazim, had expressed his concern about the issue in his social media space.

These were the exact words he used.

"what happened to thalaiva is unfair. I wish dey show dis kinda effort in makin dis country a better place 2 live than just 2 ban a film."

"as long as a film is not based on a true story and has fictitious characters…honestly I don understand."

"I hope d matter will b resolved wid d concerned parties at d earliest. I'm sure our CM will do d needful"

Following these messages, few News Dailies had apparently placed Dhanush in poor light, stating that his remarks were against the government.

The actor seemed disappointed after the news and sent us an email expressing the same.

"I have been misinterpreted by few News Dailies, on my tweet about Thalaivaa. They have just seen one part of the comment. I have not mentioned anything against the Tamilnadu government. I am not against the government."

He also mentioned the same thing in his social media space.

"My tweet regd thalaiva has been incompletely carried on a news daily today.I wish 2 b clear dat I was nt referring 2 our GOVT in nyway."

"My concern is only as a film fraternity member and nothing more.I wish to be not misunderstood or misquoted by anybody."


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