Director Ram’s Thanga Meengal screens 30th of August

Director Ram’s Thanga Meengal is finally hitting the screens on the 30th of August, this coming weekend. There was a recent screening of the film to a section of the press and the film has already been welcomed with rave reviews in the social media space.

Ram has now come out with a request to the media asking them to talk about the plus points of the movie for now, and save the minus points of the movie till the time it hits the screens on Friday. “I respect the media’s reviews a lot. Please talk about the highlight elements of my movie as soon as possible while wait till the 30th before you start pointing out the negatives in the movie. This is for trade related reasons.”

He has already experienced his share of production and financial problems in the making of Thanga Meengal and he has requested the press to do their bit in making the release of the movie a smoother process.

After seeing all the positive comments about his movie in the social media space by journalists, Ram must be feeling a happy man indeed.


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