I have poetically narrated an emotional story: Ram

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Thanga Meenkal, produced by director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Photon Kathaas and released by J Sathish Kumar of JSK Film Corporation, is hitting screens this week. The film’s director Ram says that the film portrays a beautiful relationship between a daughter and her father.

“I have poetically narrated an emotional story. This film’s father and daughter’s life is similar to that of ‘thanga meenkal’ (gold fish). These fish wish to live their own life but when forced to live in a fish tank, they die soon. Similarly, the dad and his daughter want to live in their own world but they are compelled to lead a different life, and so struggle,” reveals the director.
Ram says that any simple family man can relate to this story. He has glowing words for Sadhana, who has essayed Chellama, the little girl in the film. “She took away the stress during the shooting. She is such an adorable kid,” he says.

Though it seems to be an emotional story, the film also talks about a social issue. Ram says, “Children’s education has become very expensive these days. I would have spent around ` 8,000 for my entire studies till my post graduation. Now, LKG fees are close to ` 1 lakh. This fee structure of private schools is quite shocking. But, the quality of education does not depend upon the status of the schools; it depends on the efficiency of the teachers. A school with good teachers will be able to produce better students. The film throws light on this issue.”

The director says that the songs, composed by Yuvan, have a soulful touch. “Yuvan is the real hero of the film. He has done an excellent job with his tunes,” he adds.

With the film releasing this week, the director says, “Please don’t have any expectations. This film is just like a beautiful rain; come and get drenched without an umbrella.”


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