Siddharth’s ‘Jigarthanda’ story leaked…

Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon starrer upcoming movie 'Jigarthanda' is directed by Pizza fame Karthick Subbaraj. Except single photo of this movie everything kept secret, now the story of this movie has leaked.

Jigarthanda is a comedy entertainment which has Madurai based subject. The story is based on a common man who tries to become a director approaces a producer and explaining his story. The story is about the local dawns in Madurai district. The producer is impressed by the stiry and asked Siddharth to go to Madurai and select spots for their movie. While he went to Madurai he meets dawn who are comic film about Madurai dawns. Thus this film will be a new version form all Kollywood films taken based on Madurai dawns.

'Jigarthanda' is Siddarth's 20th film as an actor and Lakshmi Menon plays an dly seller role in the film and also has done a kuthu dance for the first time in her acting career. This movie is produced by Five star films and music scored by Santhosh Narayan.


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