‘Thalaivaa’ is original story, not based on real life don: director

The Vijay-starrer, Thalaivaa, which was released in Tamil Nadu on August 20 after scaling several hurdles, is an original story and is not based on any real-life don’s life, its director informed a court on Tuesday.

Film director A L Vijay’s senior counsel A Natarajan contested the civil suit filed by S K R, Karnan, who had claimed that the film portrayed his father and grand father in poor light, and said: “The incidents and matters mentioned by Karnan in his application are totally contradictory to the main story, screen play, dialogues, scenes, characters and incidents exhibited in the film.”

Karnan had said that his father S K Ramasamy and grandfather S S Kandasamy were involved in social service for Tamils living in Dharavi area of Bombay. In the film, the two have been shown in poor light by Vijay and Sathyaraj respectively, he said.

Denying it, director Vijay said: “It is pure imagination and fiction, and did not portray any individual’s life. Half the movie happens in Australia, which has absolutely no relevance to the real life story of the applicant’s father and grandfather,” Vijay said.

Also, the film is not set in Mumbai or Dharavi, director Vijay said, adding that the hero is serving the needy, irrespective of their caste and creed.

“Not even a single scene in the film has any resemblance to the life of the petitioner’s kin, and his apprehension has no merits,” he said.

Deepika Sundaravadhana, II assistant city civil court judge, before whom the matter was argued, has reserved orders in the matter.


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