Thought Selva would be angry with me: Harris

Director Mani Ratnam remarked at the audio launch of Irandaam Ulagam that composing the film’s background score is going to be very challenging. Even as Harris Jayaraj gears up for the re-rcording for the film, we caught up with the musician for a quick chat.

We heard that you had said ‘no’ toPudhupettai but accepted Irandaam Ulagam. Why?
When Selvaragavan approached me forPudhupettai, I felt that it was not my type of film. I thought he would be angry with me for not taking up that project. But he did not and I’m grateful. This is the right script for me as it has a beautiful romance. Selva and I got along well and he is very clear in his expectations. We were able to strike a chord and hence were able to come up with some good numbers for the film. The wavelength between a director and a composer is very important to create good music tracks and luckily, we share a good rapport.

So, do you think is romance is your forte?
People say that and I agree with them. Every time my album releases, people expect the best romantic number from me and I don’t want to disappoint my fans. I ensure that there is a fantastic melody in every album I release.

Of late, you have been travelling across the globe for song compositions. Your latest one was the cruise trip in Los Angeles for Yaan. Do these journeys have any impact on your music?
New people and places inspire me a lot. When I went to the backwaters of Kumarakom, that place motivated me to compose Nenjukkul Peithidum Maamazhai in Vaaranam Aayiram. When I travelled to China, within a few minutes, the freezing cold made me compose Ennamo Yedho for Ko. For me, travelling is a learning experience, and I am able to come up with some magical songs during my travels.

Why have you not sung yet?
I know, almost all the composers have sung their tunes today. But I haven’t got the right song to croon yet. I don’t want to sing a song which is meant for another singer. I don’t want to spoil my own composition that way. A music director’s career will not be complete without singing to his tunes. So, I might try out singing in my upcoming films.

We have spotted you in luxury branded attire at events. Do you consciously work on your style?
I like to invest money in things I like. My wife introduced these luxury brands to me and I started liking them. I feel good when I wear them.

Many find audio launches, which are seemingly endless, boring. How about you?
Yes, I agree with you. Even I find it difficult to allot time for the launches that consume a full evening. But, certain films need that kind of promotion and it helps the producer to market their films.

You are constructing a recording studio as well…
It’s my dream project and I wish it would be one of the best recording studios in the country. When it is finished, it can accommodate a 90-member orchestra. The studio will be completed by the end of this year and it is not only for me, any composer can record songs at my studio.

Are your children into music?
My son has completed eighth grade in piano. He has sung in Oh Ringa in 7aum Arivu along with other kids. He seems to be more interested in composing than singing. My daughter is also learning music. I won’t force anything on my children and I will support them to accomplish their dreams.

You have learnt classical guitar. Do you still love playing it?
I still like playing guitar when I am all alone. That recharges me. It’s one of my favourite instruments and you can make out its dominance in most of my songs.

Whose songs do you like to listen to in your car when you go on a long drive?
Definitely not my songs (laughs). I would rather connect with my friends than listen to music because I have been listening to it all the time in the studio.


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