Vedhicka has her original skin colour

Vedhicka Kumar
Vedhicka is thrilled to be part of two period films — Bala’s Paradesi and Vasanthabalan’s Kaaviyathalaivan — back-to-back in Kollywood. And, unlike in her previous film, the actress does not have to darken her skin tone for her current film. Vedhicka says, “For Paradesi, I had to darken my skin tone with the help of makeup so that I could look the part. But, in Kaaviyathalaivan, I get to maintain my original skin colour. Though both are period films, I sport a very different look in this film, something that’s very traditional.” The actress started shooting for her portions, along with Siddharth, Prithviraj and Nasser, in Karaikudi early this month.


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