Why only cute, sweet films for women directors: Nandhini

Why only cute, sweet films for women directors: Nandhini

Ruing that women filmmakers are often asked by producers to play it safe, Tamil filmmaker J.S. Nandhini avers that they should have the freedom to make their kind of cinema.

"Women are always expected to make soft, light-hearted films. Even when a woman filmmaker approaches a producer with a film in the thriller or horror genre, she is most likely asked to change it. I had a script to make a complicated thriller as my debut film, but I obliged people by making a cute and sweet film," Nandhini said.

Her directorial debut was Tamil romantic-comedy "Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru", but her second film is a murder mystery.

"I'm busy with my second film, which is a murder-mystery. I'm glad that my producer believed in my script and didn't ask me to make any changes it. We need more producers who can appreciate a story irrespective of who makes it," she said.

"I'm glad Bollywood has already accepted women filmmakers with arms wide open. I wish Tamil film industry follows suit soon," she added. Nandhini's second film is titled "Kolai Nokku Paarvai", featuring Karthik Kumar and Rupa Manjari in the lead roles. The film is being produced by Ravindar Chandrasekhar of Libra Productions.


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