Won’t Repeat The Same Genre, Says Director GNR Kumaravelan

Director GNR Kumaravelan
Director GNR Kumaravelan, who made the critically acclaimed Tamil emotional drama Haridas, feels it’s important for a director to avoid repeating a genre. It helps to stay away from being typecast, he says. After Haridas, he is gearing up for a high-octane action flick laced with romance.

“I felt Haridas was quite heavy on the audiences, and therefore, I wanted to return with something solid and entertaining. I didn’t want to be typecast as a director fit for making emotional dramas (only). I felt it’s important to do films in different genres,” Kumaravelan told IANS.

Won’t Repeat The Same Genre: GNR Kumaravelan
“Audiences easily come to a conclusion and decide the fate of a director. I didn’t want that to happen. I recently finished writing an out-and-out action script with a romantic angle. I have also managed to find a producer. Now, only casting is left. I intend to start it soon,” he added.

Haridas was released in February 2013 which received positive reviews from the critics. The movie had Kishore, Sneha, Pradeep Rawat, Prithviraj Das, Yugi Sethu, Varadha Raju and Soori in the lead roles.
Haridas was the adaptation of the south Korean movie Marathon which was released in the year 2005.
While Kumaravelan’s directorial debut was Tamil mystery-drama Ninaithale Inikkum, his second film was Tamil romantic-comedy Yuvan Yuvathi.

Quizzed about the current trend of rush of comedy flicks in Tamil, he said, “I don’t think all films belong to the comedy genre. But, I agree comedy is being effectively used in most films because it guarantees some entertainment.”


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