Ajith's PUNCH dialogue in 'Arrambam'

Photo: How many likes for #Arrambam trailer? 
Ajith fans are eagerly waiting for Deepavali when Arramabam is going to hit the screens in a magnificent manner.

Ajith has Arya, Nayanthara and Taapsee as his co-stars among others. The music of the film is already a super hit.

Ajith's films generally will have some kind of a punch dialogue and his fans are keen to know what kind of dialogue their icon is going to mouth in this Vishnuavardhan's film.

It has been understood that the punch in Arramabam would be
"saavukku bayandhavan dhinam dhinam saavaan, bayapadadhaavan, oru dhadavai dhaan saavaan". 
Loosely translated – someone who fears death dies many times while the ones who do not fear death, die just once!

What a punch, one would say!


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