Ganesh and Santhanam's new friend!

Ganesh and Santhanam 
Looks like VTV Ganesh and Santhanam have found a new friend in Devadasan, a pachyderm. The actors recently shot with the elephant for two days in Walayar for a sequence in their upcoming film Inga Enna Solludhu.

Santhanam and Ganesh 
Ganesh reveals, “This sequence featuring the elephant is an important one, and will appear in the film for almost 10 minutes. After the incident where an elephant had killed almost three people early this year, many were scared for us. But, we were sure of using an elephant and got Devadasan to work with us. We hired six mahouts to take care of him, and even insisted that he be freed of all the chains that are used to bond him. At first, Devadasan and we were scared to go near each other. But later, we warmed up to each others’ presence. We fed him nutritious food, and he was a pro in front of the camera. By the end of the schedule, we had grown attached to him.”


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