'I love experimenting.. worked a lot on my body' - Charmy [Interview]

'I love experimenting.. film successful or not' - Charmy
Making your mark in showbiz when you’re just 25-years-old is a tough task. But at this age, Charmme has placed herself comfortably in her career.
With as many as 50 films in her kitty in all the four south Indian languages, this pretty damsel, who has been in this profession for more than a decade now, says she has grown with every film, and is now more confident as an actor.

“I love experimenting with my roles, irrespective of whether the film is successful or not. This is something I will keep doing,” shares Charmme, adding, “This is the right age for any actress.”

With many actresses in their mid-20s entering the industry to get a break, Charmme feels she is lucky to have already settled here. “When it comes to success, beauty and talent are only second to luck. But if you’re talented, you will be offered a job, whether you are 16 or 60,” she smiles.

An early start to one’s career is definitely an advantage. But inexperience also leads to a few career mistakes, which Charmme agrees to have made early on. “When I began my career, I didn’t know anything about the industry — I had no idea how things worked. I was just 13. My parents and managers guided me and told me what to do. I don’t know whether they were right or wrong, but yes, I did make a few mistakes. However, my blunders helped me grow and I learnt a lot from them,” admits the actress.

Though she has no regrets about working from such a young age, she does regret doing a few films which she does not even watch when they are aired on TV. She says, “I did around three to four films that I’m not really proud of. I don’t want to name those movies, but like I said earlier, mistakes can be made once. And I don’t want to wallow in those blunders — I want to move on.”

And like every normal girl, she is close to her family and looks to them for advice. “Whenever I’m offered a film, I always take my family’s advice. I discuss my movies, personal life, even costumes, with my family members and close friends. But at the end of the day, the decisions are my own. I’m living life on my own terms,” she says.

Ask Charmme why some of her films didn’t do well at the box office as expected, and she replies, “We might think that certain films are nice, but people don’t like it. We cannot always gauge the pulse of the audience or their mood correctly.”

Not one to let failure dictate her choice in films, Charmme has made some unconventional choices that leading ladies usually shy away from. “I was able to survive in the industry for so long because I dared to experiment. I’ve done movies like Anukokunda Oka Roju and Mantra, that are different from the usual flicks. If I had stuck to just one kind of a role, I would have disappeared in three years,” she explains.

Of late, the bubbly actress has featured in many item numbers. And despite the criticism, she feels that there is “nothing wrong with them”. She adds, “Even Priyanka Chopra says she likes to do these ‘special songs’. We are here to entertain the audience. Wherever I go, people start singing the song, Sakku Bai. So, I don’t think doing item numbers is wrong.”

And since she acts in all four south Indian film industries, how difficult is it for her to learn languages? “I’ve learnt all the south Indian languages pretty quickly, and also do most of my dubbing. But dubbing is a challenge. The dialogues and expression come naturally while shooting, but it is difficult to get the same expression in your voice while recording,” she smiles.

Her next film, Prathighatana, will see her playing a journalist. After losing seven kilos in two months, she is now trying to shed another five. “I worked a lot on my body. From aerobics and Zumba to weight training classes, cardio and a good diet — I did it all. I eat every two hours; so, my mom cooks my meals. Even if I am shooting, she sends the food on the set. She is the biggest support I had while I was on my weight reduction regimen,” says Charmme before signing off.


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