Kochadaiyaan Teaser - Analysis and Thoughts!!!

Kochadaiyaan Teaser - Analysis and Thoughts

First things first, This is not a Hollywood movie. Not a British production. Not some Chinese Manga! It is an “Indian” effort PROUD to share this! Hollywood big-shots will have a run for their money seeing the detailing in the ornaments, dress and other elements! Motion Capture at its glorious, MAJESTIC best!

As I say every time, a teaser must tease. And this one does more! We not only got to see a new dimension of our idol, but also a totally new technology in cinema being introduced to our part of the world.
As for comparisons, Tintin had plain costumes and less work for the character.. here we have one man playing 3 different roles, 3 different dressing styles, 3 different mannerisms… One can go on and on!! Then you are going to have late actor Nagesh too in a role! I laud Soundarya Mam for her idea to immortalise a legend!

The posters, stills were all GRAND, and too awesome to say the least. But the teaser is receiving lukewarm response from neutral audience… Why? Because the makers have underplayed with the teaser The best is saved for the end… Revealing all of motion capture would be a dampener for sure! 1000s of dancers, the fights, the castles/palaces, all were literally perfect! Just wait and watch for the trailer… I have faith in the team that they won’t disappoint us even a wee bit with their final product. The story promises a pure roller-coaster ride with historical EPICness..

The BGM is a *wow*er!! ARR does not let the ambiance and feel of the majestic walk go down at all! Wonderful music indeed! Lifts the grandeur to many levels higher. The sword fights, had the perfect sound of swords clashing… Resul Pookutty, another genius!

People who call this “cartoon”, can you confidently lift a pencil and sketch out a completely new character from your imagination? Can you even draw a palace/castle? Can you even draw a sword in the right proportion? If the answer is NO, do not talk ill about the CG.
We all think that, motion capture is easier than traditional animation… Let me prove you wrong!
The problem is, matching the expressions and movements, even though it says “motion capture”..! In traditional animation, we can cover up mistakes very easily, by creating a new movement! But here, everything needs to b absolutely PERFECT!

#Avatar had 45-50% motion capture. Rest was traditional animation with feature/real footage, which is easier to make when you have more than 3000 CG professionals working on it! Look at #TinTin.. it was only about 90mins long! Motion Capture is really very tough to work on… not as easy as we think! This explains the production time take for this project.

If the computer model has different proportions from the capture subject, artifacts may occur. For eg, if a cartoon character has large, over-sized hands, these may intersect the character’s body if the human performer is not careful with their physical motion. Motion Capture – Movement that does not follow d laws of physics cannot b captured…

So let us appreciate the effort of an Indian taking up this mammoth effort, and giving us 2 hours and 4 minutes of PURE motion capture! OCTOBER 2013!


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