Prabhu as responsible father in "Uyirukku Uyiraga"

Uyirukku Uyiraga
Director Manoj Kumar is confident that his Uyirukku Uyiraga, starring newcomers Sanjeev, Sharan, Nandana and Preeti in the lead, will strike a chord with the audience. The film, which is about education and love, also has Prabhu in an important role.

Mano says, “The film is themed on education, and deals with the relationship between a father and his son. Many parents, fathers especially, think that their responsibility towards their children ends with providing them with good education and helping them settle in their chosen career. They feign indifference, or completely oppose it, when their kids fall in love. This film is all about how a father must help his kid if he’s taken a wrong step in romance.”

He adds, “Prabhu plays the role of a father, and his character is very important to the development of the story. Sriranjini and Marina Satish also have important roles to play. Newcomer Shantha Kumar has composed the scores for the film.”


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