“Raja Rani dedicated to all the families and I mean it”- Atlee

The young and charming director of Raja Rani, Atlee, a proud assistant of director Shankar is delighted at the moment. His film has been censored with a clean U certificate and is slated for a grand release on the 27th of September. In a brief talk with behindwoods.com, the ever cheerful 26 year old spoke about his pre-release confidence level, the compliments and more. Excerpts:

How confident are you about Raja Rani?
"Very confident of course. It's a family entertainer and has a lot of emotions that people can relate to very easily. The comedy has worked out pretty good too. More importantly, people who watched the film were very happy and appreciative.”

The best compliments you got from your actors…
"There're lots of them. Nayanthara called me the best director she has ever worked with. Arya said he felt very comfortable working with me. Satyaraj sir loves his new look and credits me for giving him a complete makeover."

What was the reaction of AR Murugadoss after watching Raja Rani?
"More than him, I was very happy. He laughed during all comedy scenes and had watery eyes during the emotional parts. For me, that's the best response I could expect from the producer. I wanted him to enjoy the film completely and he surely did."  

The best find of the film, apart from yourself…
"Cinematographer George C Williams, for sure. He has done a spectacular work with the camera. The entire movie will look very fresh and prismatic."

Whom do you want to dedicate the film to?
"I have added a special message at the end of the movie. I have wholeheartedly dedicated Raja Rani to all the families and I mean it"

Seems a part of Raja Rani narrates an episode from your own life… Are you Arya or Jai?
"Its true. But I wouldn't say that the film has a particular episode from my own life. It obviously has inspirations from my life. Be it the Arya, Nayan, Nazriya, Jai or Satyaraj, every character in the film has a part of me in it."

We have heard the songs and we needn't tell you about its success… But what about the background scores?
"GV Prakash is my favourite and he has given me the best . He himself told me that this is his best work till date, as far as background scores are concerned and I completely agree with him."    
What kind of projects can we expect from you in the future?
 "I wouldn't say romance is my style. But, I can assure you that all my films will have strong emotional and optimistic contents, be it any genre."


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