Rajesh introduces his son Deepak in "Payanangal Thodargindrana"

Rajesh: Never forced my son to become actor

Veteran Tamil actor Rajesh, who is introducing his son Deepak Rajesh in upcoming Tamil romantic-drama "Payanangal Thodargindrana", says his son was always interested in a career in films, and that he was never forced to don the greasepaint.

Rajesh is known for his performances in films such as "Vaanam Ellai", "Mahanadhi" and "Nerrukku Ner".
"I never forced him (my son) to become an actor. I gave him ample time so that he could decide for himself to enter filmdom. When he finally expressed interest, I only helped him in finding a suitable script to start his career. This is the least I could do as his father and as an actor," Rajesh said

As a father, he wanted the best for his son.
"My friends from the industry kept asking me when I will introduce my son. Having been raised in an actor's family, I think he was naturally drawn towards acting. I waited all these years for a good film to come his way. I didn't want him to have a bad start and struggle in his career," he added.

"Payanangal Thodargindrana" is being directed by debutant Dheswin Prem. It also features Anjana Menon in the lead, while the rest of the cast is yet to be finalised.


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