Sadha agrees to do dance number for Madha Gaja Raja

Actress Sadha seems to have given immediate consent to do glamour role for movies. Sadha debuted in Tamil cine field through movie Jayam. Following that, she did movies as Varna Jaalam, Anniyan, Thirupathi, and Unnale Unnale. But, as new faces started making entry, Sadha disappeared from Kollywood. Then, she took up efforts to gain a place in Tollywood and Bollywood. But, conditions were not favorable for her growth. Then, Sadha made reentry through Tamil movie Pulivaal.

But, as the movie did not turn hit as expected, Sadha dropped her efforts. But then, Sadha received chance to do dance for number in Sundar C's 'Madha Gaja Raja'. She conceded doing the number. The movie is to be dubbed in Telugu and released.

Sadha has done abundant glamour for the number with belief that she would receive movie chances.


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