Tippu thanks DSP

It might have been a few years Tippu sang the chartbuster Something Something… from Unakkum Enakkum. But even today mention the lines from the song and Tippu has a smile on his face. During an event held in Coimbatore, the singer was quoted saying, “I have to thank composer Devi Sri Prasad for the song. Devi Sri Prasad and I have had a good rapport and we are good friends. He will clearly tell me what he expected from a song and I would do that.”

The singer further added, “I remember we were recording the song till 2 am in the morning. Before we left Devi Sri Prasad said that we would come in the morning and see. If we liked the version, we will retain it. Else we will record it again. Luckily, we did like what we had done the previous night and the song stayed.”


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