Vetrimaaran says "Learning is never-ending"

Dhanush Vetrimaaran
After Polladavan and Aadukalam, Vetrimaaran and Dhanush are all set to join hands again for an upcoming film. But it looks like the director is still working on the script and it will take sometime to start the project. “I am working on my next script. I know I've been saying that for a long time. But it does take time to unlearn what you have just learnt!

Every time you make a movie, you learn something while writing it, you learn something while shooting it, you learn something when you finally watch it on the big screen. So when you start working on your next movie, all that learning tends to get in the way. For some people it's easier to move on. For some people, like me, it takes time,” Vetrimaaran said.

When asked him about his special rapport with Dhanush, he said ” I really don't know. Somehow we manage to be in sync with each other. We have mutual respect for each other and trust each other. There's never really been a need for an argument or hurt ego, because we pretty much see eye-to-eye on everything. And that would apply for my entire team – GV Prakash, Velraj(cinematographer), Kishore… We share a great rapport that makes it easy for us to work with each other.”


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