Vijay and Kajal plays cops in Jilla

It's not just Vijay who will be seen playing a police officer in his upcoming film Jilla, directed by Nesan. His leading lady in the film, Kajal Aggarwal, will also be playing a cop in the film.

What's more, we hear the actress also has some stunt sequences in the film, which will see her packing a few punches. When we asked Kajal if her role was that of a police officer in the film, the actress remained non-committed and responded with a laugh instead. However, a source close to her confirms that she's indeed playing a khakhi-clad cop in the film.

The source says, "Though Kajal has not done this kind of a role before, she was part of a training programme for Independence Day parade, hosted by a Telugu channel. She has a fair idea how cops and army men train. Also, she watched a lot of cop movies to prepare herself. Since she's physically fit, she didn't have to struggle a lot while filming the scenes." The actress is currently shooting in Palani for All In All Azhagu Raja with Karthi, and is expected to join the Jilla team from next month.


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