Ajith gifts house for his servants!

Ajith's gifts house for his servants!
Actor Ajith came to know that those working under him did not have residence. So, he gifted them half a ground of land in Kelambakkam. Also, the Bhoomi Pooja was held recently.

Now, Ajith has taken up work to raise houses for about ten people in the land. Since Kelambakkam is far away, Ajith has gifted his driver a Nano Car and two-wheeler. Also, Ajith has bought two-wheeler for everybody working in his house. But, he has imposed one condition. ‘Everybody should wear helmet’ said Ajith.


In reel life all of our heroes used to help the poor and stood strongly for their followers.Till now we saw many movies with the story line and here is about the one big hero who implementing all these in Real life.He is none other than Billa Ajith Kumar.

Ajith's humaneness is a known fact in the industry. His professionalism and care for people around him are the virtues that make everyone respect the star.

Unlike all other heroes ,Ajith is the one who used to live in real life and won’t hesitate to stand in queue for paying Current bills.

Ajith known for all of his charity works and all his fans used to call him Thala for his simplicity and Charity.Once again the handsome hero showed his kind nature by proposing the houses for all his staff including maids of his house. The handsome star has bought a piece of land in mahabalipuram road to build houses for ten of his personal and domestic help, that include his maids, cook and gardener. The lands are also registered in their respective names .

Since Ajith is shooting for 'Veeram' directed by Siruthai Siva in Hyderabad, his better half Shalini was present on the occasion of the bhoomi pooja which was held recently. The construction of the houses are expected to commence soon

It has also been said that the construction would begin soon under his direct supervision. Way to go Ajith!


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