Amy Jackson spends time with elephants

Amy Jackson spends time with elephants
For her birthday this year, Amy Jackson adopted a wild dolphin, Smoothie, who swims around the coast of the UK. And now, the actress has taken up the cause of protecting elephants.
Amy has volunteered with the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre in Kerala, and spent three days there recently.

Amy says, “I had a three-day break from Shankar’s shoot (for the film Ai), and decided to visit the Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary and the rehabilitation centre in Kerala. The time I spent with these amazing creatures has been incredible. Poaching mainly occurs in Africa. However, working closely with the elephants here in India has made me even more determined to put a stop to poaching against not only elephants, but rhinos as well.”

The Madrasapattinam girl is also working towards a fundraiser and awareness for Tusk Trust, which has some big names, including Prince William, supporting the cause. “I’ve also completed a campaign for PETA India recently. I’m a big animal lover, and intend to do my bit to create awareness against animal cruelty,” she signs off.


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