Arrambam Public Talk and Critics Review - A Stylish action entertainer

Arrambam Public Talk
Ajith's Arrambam with his Billa crew Nayantara, Vishnuvardhan, Yuvan Shankar Raja has taken damkadaar openings worldwide this Diwali and the movie is opened to good to rave reviews from the viewers.

As KollyInsider reported viewers earlier, Vishnuvardhan's Arrambam with the likes of Ajith, Nayantara, Arya, Taapsee and Rana is done with the premiers and the 6AM special show this morning.

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Audiences and Thala fans are in awe, who says Arrambam is sure to beat out Billa and Mankatha records all in action wise and box office too. Vishnuvardhan's direction and Suba's screenplay for Arrambam are racy and Ajith had a dashing presence throughout the film along with enough space given to Nayantara, Arya and Taapsee to perform.

Performances, direction and the technicalities of Arrambam alongside the class + mass script are some of the positives of Arrambam.


 According to Behindwoods Review Board, "Director Vishnuvardhan, writer duo Subha and editor Sreekar Prasad have to be commended for managing to keep the audiences hooked to their seats for a majority of the movie with very few drag moments. With a running time of more than two and a half hours, the screenplay is taut and crisp enough to keep the crowd arrested."

According to sify, "'Arrambam' lives up to the expectations and is a satisfying thrill ride for its variety in providing no-holds barred entertainment. Ajith' terrific screen presence and powerful dialogue delivery, smart writing, charismatic cast and action which is fast-paced are smartly packaged by director Vishnuvardhan."

Talking about the performances, Sify says, "Ajith himself gives a low-key, well-nuanced performance as Ashok, the conscience of this film; Arya is superb as the happy-go-lucky Arjun and his comedy scene in college with Nayan is a rocker."

The actress "is there throughout the film and she has some fine moments which she has scored big time. Taapsee is cute as Anitha, while Kishore as the straightforward cop on a mission is convincing. Mahesh Majrekar, Suman Ranganathan and Atul Kulkarni get a few moments to make an impression."

Indiaglitz says, "Simple, elegant and class but richly crafted to keep you tuned to the screen -  'Arrambam' is an interesting story in a gripping screenplay."

Talking about the technical aspects, the website says, "Om Prakash has canned every frame with passion. Cohesion and continuity is edgy and distinctly better only as the film progresses. Srikar Prasad has however done a commendable job in putting the pieces of action together in thorough entertainment. Background score adds volume to the story, supporting it substantially well."

Senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai says that "Arrambam" is a "stylish over the top revenge romp.  Ajith show from the first frame to the last. He has terrific screen presence."
Sreedhar also appreciated the work of "Arrambam" writers Vishnu Vardhan and SuBha as well as appreciated the performances of the film's cast members.

Verdict: Stylish action entertainer that will definitely impress Ajith fans.


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