Case against 'Naiyaandi', says degrades Hindu gods

Case against 'Naiyaandi', says degrades Hindu gods
Already, as actress Nazriya Nazim filed complaint for using dupe in glamour scene, movie ‘Naiyaandi’ encountered trouble with regard to release. But later, as producer Kathiresan went for amicable settlement of the issue with Nazriya, the movie hit screens.

Now, the movie is running in theatres, and is performing averagely in the box-office. Now, another complaint has been filed against the movie.

A complaint has been filed with the police commissioner that there is scene in the movie which degrades Hindu gods.

Muthu R Venkatraman hails from Mathur, Chennai. He is the Thiruvallur district’s BJP head. He has filed complaint against the movie ‘Naiyaandi’ in the commissioner’s office.

The complaint petition by Muthu R Venkatraman reads as follows: -

Dhanush starrer ‘Naiyaandi’ is being advertised in television channels. There is dialogue in the movie in which Dhanush, with two other actors has horoscope in hand, and says that the bride would not be suitable.

In the cover of the horoscope, there is the picture of Goddess Lakshmi. Navarathri celebrations are going on and they have taken the scene such that it degrades Hindu deities.

So, the controversial scene in the movie should be removed. Legal action should be initiated against the director, producer and actors into the movie.


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