'Endhiran' climax better than Hollywood, 'Ai' is challenging

Ai directed by Shankar is turning out to be a magnificent affair with many stalwarts in their respective fields like Vikram, P C Sreeram, A R Rahman being a part of it.

Besides this, there is also the involvement of international make-up crew Weta Studios from New Zealand who worked in films like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit.

Recounting about how Weta Studios came to be involved in Ai, director Shankar says, "I realized that there needs to be special make-up for many artists in the film and that's why I approached Weta Studios. To my surprise, they had already seen Endhiran and were quite floored by its climax. To them, it (climax) was very different and fresh from many Hollywood films"

According to Shankar, the team from Weta Studios felt that Ai was very challenging to work with and wished that Shankar roped them in for all his future projects as well!

Ai is a crisp romantic thriller that is anticipated to hit the marquee early next year.


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